• What Should You Bring To An Initial Bankruptcy Appointment?

    One of the first steps of filing for bankruptcy is meeting with an attorney at a law office that offers bankruptcy services. You can contact a law firm to schedule a consultation visit, which is an appointment that offers a chance to learn more about bankruptcy. When you go to this appointment, you should bring the right things with you. Here is a list of the things the lawyer might ask you to bring.
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  • Bankruptcy And DUI Debts: What Can Be Discharged?

    As most know, a driving under the influence conviction can result in some pretty stern punishment. Chief among those are the financial ramifications. It can cost upwards of $5,000 or more to deal with DUI matters and that will put a strain on anyone's budget. If the strain from legal matters and other issues has you considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might be wondering what can be discharged. Read on and find out more about how bankruptcy treats legal debts like a DUI conviction.
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